Premium service:
professionalism, sensitivity,
creativity, goal orientation

Finding the best fit requires skill, ingenuity and creativity, which enrich the standard executive search process.

Search Strategy
Targeted Search
& Long List
& Short List
& Support

Of course

We will prepare a job description and requirements for the candidate and a proposal for a direct search

But also

We consult with you so that we can:

  • understand the business challenges and context of the position
  • get a sense of your company culture

We expand and polish the job description

We adapt your job package to make it attractive for candidates

Of course

Based on the brief, we propose a search strategy. We determine the stages and scope of the search.

But also

We use our multidisciplinary experience to discover required competencies in industries where others would not think to look.

We identify current labour market opportunities and highlight any potential pitfalls.

Of course

We search the market, identify candidates, arrange interviews, collect feedback and verify information.

But also

We actively modify our strategy if the situation calls for it

We communicate and keep you informed of our progress in the search. We report weekly on who we met, how they reacted, who said no and why.

Of course

We interview selected candidates, verify their competencies, motivations, values, personal characteristics, suitability and package requirements

But also

We care about your company’s good image and always communicate with candidates transparently, regardless of the outcome of the procedure

We provide candidates with complete documentation

Of course

When you meet with candidates, we handle everything and coordinate the formalities

But also

We check the references of selected candidates /We contact at least two independent sources to learn more about candidates’ work history

Sensitive topics such as salary are pre-negotiated on your behalf. We help you avoid situations that could put a strain on your future relationship

We nurture candidates’ interest in the case of prolonged recruitment procedures

Rely on a high level of
communication, documentation
and reporting

We provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision at all times. We adapt the form of the documentation to meet your requirements, from executive summaries to comprehensive reports.

Weekly Progress Report

Every week you receive information and statistics about the project.

Regularly updated lists of candidates

Always up-to-date lists of candidates (long-list, short-list) with comments and assessment of suitability for the position.

Confidential Report for each candidate presented

In addition to the CV with our comments, this report contains

  • a comprehensive assessment of the candidate
  • salary expectations
  • the candidate’s level of interest in working with the client
  • information about companies where the candidate has worked
  • circumstances of job changes in the candidate’s past

Confirmatory Reference Report

For shortlisted candidates, we also check the references provided by the candidate.