Transformation projects and career transition services are two sides of a coin

Accord Group, Jana Martinová
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In these days, companies all over the world are receiving money and loans from government in order to survive and continue employing people.

At the same time, the economic crisis following the recent shut-down of many societies will cause a wave restructuring measures and reorganizations. Many of those reorganisation-projects have been considered before Covid-19, which has only given the final impulse to go forward with them now.

Why that? Companies growing organically over years are built by people who have contributed to their success in previous times and are often the legacy of the company culture. Organizations and systems are resisting change and have tendency to sustain themselves because they are made of these people and are accountable for them.

The quality of a company (culture) is, amongst others, measured by the way it is dealing with past contributors and people which the company is “owing to”. This increases the trust of employees in the organization and raises their degree of loyalty to them.

But if so, we have to find an answer to the question, what will be the impact on the company culture or inner cohesion of the organization, when the management/shareholders are pushed by COVID19 to implement restructuring programmes and let of those important people not fitting any more with the current of future operational model.

How long will it take to rebuild the trust of the remaining employees after a tough restructuring program even in Covid19 times?

This is where professional, people centric career transition services can help. They do not only support those employees leaving the company, but also the company itself: they can (re)built trust and provide security.

It is actually a matter of perception:

Smart organizations are using career transition services as a tool to enabling organizational changes and minimizing their impact on a coherent company culture able to adapt to change.

Not as a “plaster” or last benefit for employees you have to let go, or worse, as a logistics service helping to get rid of staff and moving them elsewhere.

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