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Bence Berkó

Bence Berkó

Development Manager – Enhancing The Long Term Organisational Strength

The Client

Our Client is a diversified global technology and manufacturing company with a world-wide headcount of 100.000. One of their divisions, a leading innovator of industrial automation, is a key player in the process management industry delivering solutions for diverse industry sectors from alternative energies to oil refining. Due to their increasing production needs, they required a Development Manager to lead the rapidly changing operations of their Hungarian production site.

The Challenge

The Client was looking for a professional with industry specific in-depth technical knowledge, business acumen, specific industry insights and market intelligence.

The Process

Following a detailed client briefing setting out their specific requirements and candidate expectations, Accord Group – together with the client – compiled the detailed job specification. With this precise description, our skilled Accord Group Research Consultant began the rigorous process of monitoring the market and identifying the target-list of companies and potential candidates; from that group a long-list of potential candidates was drawn up. After 15 face-to-face interviews with candidates selected from the long-list, we applied substantial evaluation processes to refine our candidate list. Our short-list of the most appropriate candidates were presented to client, with three qualified professionals possessing the necessary leadership skills, professional experience and personality to fit into the client’s corporate culture and team.

The Outcome

After the presentation of the short-list, the Client came to the fork on the road: deciding between two equally strong candidates with different strengths and unique skill-sets. One candidate had the perfect match of competencies to the current status of the position, while the other one had extremely great potential to fulfil the Plant Manager position of the site, long-term necessity to enhance future growth. Drawing on our client-centric nature and our attention to individual client relationship development, Accord Group spent hours assisting the client in the decision making process. After much debate, they took the risk and chose the second candidate with the large potential to manage the production plant. Six months later that candidate became the new Plant Manager, with his activities over the years resulting in the site strengthening its position within the group and becoming a stable strategic point in the company’s organization.