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Power Plant

Client: A Leading energy producer and distrubutor – global player

The client locally had purchased a power plant with 1600 employees and we needed to hire a President for them to manage the re-structuring phase of getting the power plant to run at optimal capacity with 500 employees and to be a productive and profitable venture despite all active 5 trade unions present and all collective agreements which were in place and not always good for business.

Our brief was to find an experienced leader, good at managing complexities and able to work in an aggressive and unfriendly environment. The job KPI was defined in time, meaning the plant was to be running smoothly within 4 to max 5 years.

To enable the success of the President, we also did a board assessment of competencies and capabilities. The Board was re-shuffled, tasks assigned and job specs remodeled and no new member was added to the Board besides the new President.

Today the plant is not only a success story but a benchmark in the whole industry. We contributed by searching for the right leader and advising on the new roles/functions of the Board.