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Veronika Kaštovská

Veronika Kaštovská


Bratislava, Prague

Veronika Kaštovská joined Accord Group Prague in May 1998. As a Senior Consultant and a Partner she is currently focusing on various rojects across different industries (mostly in FMCG, ICT, finance and pharmaceutical sector). She is successfully accomplishing regional as well as local executive searches on top management levels for local as well as international corporations.

Veronika has many years of experience in executive search industry in ECE region. She assists her clients in setting benchmarks for selecting and grooming their senior executives in order to optimize their managerial potential. Veronika has former experience with establishing a new Accord Group practice in Warsaw, Poland and a new office in Budapest, Hungary.

Veronika holds a master degree. In addition to her native Czech, she speaks fluent English, some Russian and Spanish.

Veronika is aiming to reach a life balance between her consulting career and young family (trying to spend all her free time with her children). She loves to work with people and hope, that people love her. ;-)