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IQ testy při výběru zkušených manažerů - vyzráli jste na ně?

On-line testy pro výběr kandidátů jsou nový hype. HR mezinárodních i českých firem je vítá jako upgrade náborového procesu. Některé z nich testují všechny uchazeče a zvou na pohovor jen ty s “dobrým score”. Stejně rychle vznikají on-line kurzy „jak se naučit vyplnit testy“. Zdarma nebo za poplatek se naučíte jak prokázat své nadprůměrné IQ. Aplikace testů občas vede k tomu, že se pozice vyžadující kvalifikaci a zkušenost dlouhodobě neobsadí.




I am managing a team of 8-10 not attending our office any more on a regular basis since 2020. As of today, they are more or less reluctant trading their newly gained liberty against regular office presence, and I’ve been tempted by the idea of NO OFFICE instead of HOME OFFICE.

The pro’s and con’s of abolishing the office made me aware of the importance of our common workplace and aware of the threats organizations accepting GENERALISED HOME...


How should candidates deal with „blind spots“ in their CV?

Tons of leadership books and tutorials are written about the need to fail to become a strong and credible leader. And yet, over the last few months we have been witnessing an increase in the practice by Czech managers of changing or shortening CVs to focus only on successful experiences. What are the consequences of this and what else should candidates rather do to maintain the credibility of their CVs while still “putting their best foot...


LinkedIn profiles are today's business cards, don't forget about it!

LinkedIn profiles are today’s business cards, don’t forget about it!

We are living in a professional world asking everybody to expose himself/herself even before we shake hands or meet over video. Check-ups of LinkedIn profiles are not limited to professionals looking for a new job.

Be sure that the candidate you are calling in for an interview is preparing for that interview by thoroughly researching your business and your person looking at...


Transformation projects and career transition services are two sides of a coin

In these days, companies all over the world are receiving money and loans from government in order to survive and continue employing people.

At the same time, the economic crisis following the recent shut-down of many societies will cause a wave restructuring measures and reorganizations. Many of those reorganisation-projects have been considered before Covid-19, which has only given the final impulse to go forward with them now.

Why that?...


Back to the office? Easier said than done!

Governments of most European states allow employers to return employees to their workplace and start “normal operations” while observing special sanitary rules. However, business leaders have a very hard time to get their employees back to offices and operations.

The level of fear or wary individual employees will feel varies very much across all levels of an organisation. It is re-enforced by the lack of evidence regarding the efficiency of...


The Art & Science of Video Presentations and Online Interviews – a precious experience for humble consultants

In the first week of lockdown we sent hints to candidates on how to prepare for and behave in video interviews.

At the end of the second week we sent more detailed recommendations about how to conduct video interviews, with 2, 3 or more participants.

After 3-4 weeks of lockdown I have become quite humble with regard to video interviews and presentations. And I have discovered a lot of interesting learning points as a muted and non-active...